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Buena Vida Cantina

Buena Vida Cantina is a toast to “The Good Life”. We are inspired by our travels to Central Mexico and Southern Mexico, where the eternal heartbeat of street food culture brings communities together. Buena Vida is for San Francisco, a place to gather in SOMA for la fiesta y la celebracion de una Buena Vida! 

Chef Wilberth Itza: was born in Chumayelin, a small village in Yucatán, where he learned everything he knows about traditional Mexican food. His humble career started as a dishwasher at a restaurant run by renowned San Francisco chef, Parke Urich; with hard work and natural talent he was promoted to banquet sous chef. Wilberth then moved to famed restaurant Cala where he perfected his culinary skills. There he was able to Intertwine his love for cooking and his culture. We are now lucky to have Wilberth as our chef at Buena Vida where he shares some of his family recipes with us. He truly is bringing the classic flavors of Yucatan to San Francisco and we hope you enjoy.

General Manager: Kenny has been in the hospitality world since he was 17 years old. He has a knack for building relationships and creating experiences. When he was 21 however, is where he discovered his talent for making cocktails and his passion...agave. He has managed several tequila restaurants and Buena Vida is lucky to have him share a little of his shine and magia.